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New Bull Rush & Dodge Rules
Jan 9, 2023 9:23

And variations to monster variations

The swordsman can now bull rush monsters that start with 2 or more health, but only when they have been reduced to one health, and never into a pit. He can also bull rush monsters with greater than 5 defense.

And the chance for of the huntress causing panic from her Leap Attack II skill has been reduced from 50% to 40%.

Lastly, the overgrown monster system has changed so that two of the size increases raise health rather than stats. Here’s the new list:

Runt: -2 to attack & defense Pipsqueak: -1 to attack & defense Standard: no change Overgrown: +1 to attack & defense Mammoth: +2 to attack & defense Humongous: +3 to attack & defense Ginormous +1 HP Gargantuan: +4 to attack & defense Titanic: +5 to attack & defense Colossal: +2 HP

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