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Elven Huntress Adjustments
Dec 28, 2022 10:40

Prowl becomes a skill; Long Shot becomes Range ability

We’ve made a few changes to help empower the elf’s bow use.

Her Prowl ability has been changed to a multi-part skill:

Prowl: 50% less likely to be caught sneaking.
Prowl II: Chance to remain unseen after stealth bow attacks: 30% if you hit, 70% if you miss.
Prowl III: Gain an additional +2 to surprise sword attacks.

The above Prowl skill replaces the Long Shot skill, which has been changed to a natural Range ability:

Range: You have +1 to your bow range. Thus you have no distance penalty for using your bow from 3 tiles away, and you can use your bow from 4 away, with the -3 distance penalty.

For a better depiction of things, see the elf’s character sheet.

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