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Runestones & Monster Reorg
Oct 24, 2022 13:58

Plus monster dens and improved Bolt & Vanish

Regions will now contain different sets of monsters, with a more consistent monster theme per region. You may encounter a monster or two from a neighboring region.

We’ve added runestones (a Fame 8 Unlock). Each runestone represents one of the 5 scroll types. They start with 3 charges and can be used from a distance equal to the number of charges remaining. When within range of a runestone, casting the associated spell uses a runestone charge instead of a scroll. Runestones are found in the dragon lair (in every third room), in the daily hunt (30% chance per room), and in monster dens (one per den).

Speaking of dens, they are no longer only in tourneys. (Dens contain an extra loot item and a higher than normal number of monsters, many of which are overgrown.) Once dens are unlocked at Fame 20, each region will have a monster den.

In other magical news … Bolt now panics any monster along or adjacent to its path. Vanish now confers the ability to pilfer with no chance of being spotted, along with a +6 (instead of +3) attack bonus, and a monster that survives a vanished attack will be panicked.

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