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Basic/Advanced Changed
May 6, 2020 12:01

One hero hunts. Campaign limits.

We changed the Advanced Dungeoneers system. Basic players will find that about half the fame unlocks require Advanced Dungeoneers. However, each time you reach a fame level with an advanced unlock, you get an Advanced Dungeoneers free pass for your next career game, so you can try out the new features. In addition, any career games past fame level 15 will require Advanced Dungeoneers. We hope you will choose to upgrade by that point, but even if not, you will still be able to enter the weekly tourney, go on campaigns that do not involve more dragons than you’ve defeated in career mode (see below), and play one career game per week using a weekly free pass that refreshes on Mondays. To see which unlocks now require Advanced Dungeoneers, go to the unlock list on the Fame page. A key difference is that the Ruins are now accessible to anyone who has reached Fame 5, upgraded or not.

(If you are already Advanced, the above changes do not impact you.)

In other news, each day’s hunt will use a specific hero, which rotates daily. Players who have not upgraded to Advanced Dungeoneers may go on the hunts with the human, but not the elf or dwarf. And there is now a limit on campaigns, such that you cannot start a campaign that involves a higher dragon level than you have attained in career mode.

Jul 30, 2020 19:25

I’m not sure if specific hero for daily hunt is working, since I’m keep choosing elf to evolve! Is it a bug or Advanced can choose ?

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