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New Worm Behavior
Apr 27, 2022 15:55
  • Only pit-side combat and leaping will attract worms*

In order to remove the ability to run around a pit until a purple worm shows up, we’ve changed the worm arrival process to this:

There is a 5% chance each round that a worm is nearby. (Assuming they haven’t all been killed.) If one is nearby, then either of these two events will attract the worm: an attack or explosion on a target next to a pit or a non-magical, non-stealth leap which lands next to a pit. An attracted worm will head towards a random pit which is adjacent to the offending noise. (If multiple offending noises, it will go to the first noise made.) If a worm is attracted, you will hear a rumbling sound, and the worm will appear at the end of the following round.

So ideally, your target will be next to a pit. More ideally, you will not be next to the same pit.

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