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Consistent Boss Locations
Feb 8, 2022 15:48

Plus Some Lich Tweaks

Each region 3 boss will be located in the same room each time. For instance, if the Mummy King is the boss for the Ice Crypts, he will always be found in the room that’s … well, you’ll just have to find out. If it’s the Lich Queen, her room will be in one of the other rooms.

Speaking of the lich, she will now always be flanked by two pits. And in cases where her room has exits on the top half of the room, her throne will be to the side of the room, not on top.

Feb 23, 2022 18:09

I thought the extra protection for the lich was going to make things more difficult but it didn’t really seem to matter, it may have cost 1 HP on 1 game in 10. I use the elf so I may use a haste scroll instead of a leap scroll but for that character the function of either is pretty much the same. I do try to reserve the leap for attacking 4 targets at once so using haste as part of the boss strategy is actually better for the elf. 1 HP only matters to me in tournament play and everyone has the same obstacles so it’s all good. 1HP can go a long way so I will be curious if tournament scores drop by any noticeable amount. Currently sitting in the #1 spot with 40(44) which is my personal best so I guess it didn’t really slow me down.

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