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A Wandering Specter!
Jan 19, 2022 15:04

And general specter changes

Every game will now have a specter in a random room in one of these regions: Ice Crypts, Sunken Abbey, Lost Temple, Haunted Canyon, and Abandoned Mines. And to make matters worse, the Haunt of the Specters will now have 3 specters instead of 2. (Or 4, if the wandering specter happens to be there as well.)

And specters themselves work a little differently than before. The basic idea is the same (they are still invisible and scary), but some of the nitty gritty has changed. Here’s the new description:

Specters are frightful, floating monsters that are invisible unless adjacent to either you or a flame. If a specter appears next to you, you will run in horror, away from it if possible, and it will follow. (If you have nowhere to run, it will attack.) If you move next to an invisible specter using a scroll, you will see it but you will not run away. Invisible specters do not block other monsters but will try to move away from them on their turn. If you move onto the space of an invisible specter, it will move away and become visible and panicked. Placing a flame under a specter will reveal and immobilize it. Explosions or bolts over an invisible specter will cause it to appear and suffer an attack.

Jan 21, 2022 21:32

How to cheat: Set flame on squares of dungeon to see if specter there, then cancel setting flame… seemed like specter became visible before I committed, if someone had the patience they could do it on every square of room in advance to test for specters.

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