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Dungeoneers 2021
Dec 31, 2021 17:22

Village Year in Review

A lot happened in Dungeoneers this year. We fine-tuned the heroes, we added all those new regions, we launched on Steam, and we added achievements. We’re looking forward to more good stuff in 2022.

Here’s the year in stats:

New Users: 47.1K 
Games: 720K 
 (More than I played.)
Career Games: 426K 
 (And no one got fired.)
Campaign Games: 112K 
 (And all with one tent.)
Tournament Games: 37.3K 
 (Each a winner in their own way.)
Hunts: 145K (Jolly good!)

Victories: 288K 
 (Well done, dungeoneers.)
Dragons Killed: 2.17M (Whoa.)

Quarry Killed: 5.29M 
 (They’ll be back.)
Achievements: 10.9K 
 (Good start!)
Human XP: 5.01G 
 (5 billion!)
Elf XP: 4.72G 
 (almost 5 billion)
Dwarf XP: 2.93G (short of 5 billion)

Happy New Year! (Seriously)

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