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Some Monstrous Arrivals
May 18, 2020 14:22

And no more fame cap

Incoming! The dungeon has some new, unfriendly faces: a hag witch, a gnoll matron, and a new type of orc: bull orcs!

We’ve also tweaked the advanced/basic system and changed the unlock order. Of special note: we removed the fame cap for basic career games. We would like for players to upgrade to advanced whenever they feel compelled - and we think the advanced unlocks are compelling.

We also changed the free pass system. Now each time you attain a career red dragon victory, you get an Advanced Dungeoneers free pass which lasts up until you defeat the subsequent white dragons. (Free passes only apply to career mode.)

Jul 30, 2020 19:29

Awesome for new monsters! Eager for more! What about Dark Elves or Centaurs? :-D

Jul 30, 2020 23:45

I enthusiastically support this idea.

Nov 16, 2022 12:02

I feel like if Centaurs were added, they, being fast horse people, could move 2 spaces at once.

Mar 19, 2023 21:45

Here are some monster ideas: Archers from each of the following races: Werewolf, Zombie, Ghoul, Kobold, Crocodile. Werewolf Wizards. Vampire Warriors and Sorcerers. Specter necromancers. Ghosts should be invisible until nearby, like specters. Also, more monsters than can have a flame placed under them. So far, only reapers can be flamed and survive unharmed. Specters are incapacitated by flames.

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