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Changes to Dwarf Charge and Elf Leap Attack
Sep 8, 2021 17:23

And more consistent wandering monsters.

During a dwarf charge, instead of gaining a +2 bonus, you now use a d12 (instead of d10) and use the bonus from either the sword or shield, whichever is higher. Heroic Strikes from charges will now require a roll of 12/11, rather than 10/9, and a normal dwarf sword attack can no longer trigger a heroic strike feat. The elf’s leap attack will now use a d12 instead of d10 (but still based on the sword bonus). The 50% chance of causing panic does not kick in until Leap Attack II. And the chance of triggering a feat from a leap attack is now based on a d12 roll, not a d10 roll.

Because of the above changes, the heroic strike has been simplified to: If you roll a 12 (or 11 vs. dragons) on your attack roll, you trigger a feat. (Triggering a feat from a massive hit has not changed.)

We also standardized wandering monsters, so that they appear in the same regions, regardless of the quest, as follows:

REGION 1: Cavern Crawlers, Firebugs, Purple Worms, and Shamblers
REGION 2: Firebugs, Gas Spores, Purple Worms, Ropers, and Shamblers
REGION 3: Gas Spores, Purple Worms, Reapers, and Ropers
DRAGON LAIRS: Purple Worms
EXCEPTIONS: Purple Worms do not appear in regions with water-filled pits, and Shamblers only appear in regions with water-filled pits.

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