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Auto Scaling of Figures
Jun 25, 2021 14:03
  • If monsters are too big, everyone gets shrunk*

June 25, 2021

If some are too big, everyone gets shrunk

There has been an issue in crowded lairs, monster dens, and late stage hunts where the monsters are so big that it’s hard to see what’s behind them. We’ve implemented a system to address this:

When a room has lots of oversized monsters, all figures (all monsters and the hero) get reduced in size. So if you enter a room and your hero looks smaller than usual, be careful, because the monsters are in fact bigger than they appear!

Killing large monsters can have the effect of making everything larger (because the room is no longer so full of big monsters), and casters enlarging large monsters can have the effect of making everything else smaller. To avoid sudden changes in size, we limit the extent to which we re-scale the figures on any one turn.

Jun 25, 2021 15:19

Nice addition!

Jun 25, 2021 20:14

That is a nice feature. I remember how hard it was to hunt Giants and Ettins when you cannot even see which tiles are free and which are occupied.

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