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Sneaky Scroll Use
Jun 16, 2020 9:03

Mithril balancing

Turns out you can read scrolls to yourself, and they still work! Who knew?

Reading a scroll will no longer take you out of stealth or vanish mode. However, if you proceed to attack (with haste or bolt) you will be spotted. And if you leap, the chance of being spotted is twice what it would be if you were doing a regular sneak. (Just like when the elf does her natural leap in stealth.)

And the mithril was overpowered, so we are reducing the chance that the mithril repels a hit from 25% to 20%, and we further reduced the number of potions in the game. The caverns will always have 1 instead of 1-2. And the mines will have 2 instead of 2-3. And each tunnel room will never have more than one potion. And in multi-room lairs, there will only an extra loot drop if there are 5+ dragons in the room (formerly 4+).

Jul 30, 2020 19:34

I preferred when Mithril was 25% :-P

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