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Welcome, Steam Demo Players
Jun 10, 2021 15:48

We’re looking for Next Fest live streamers.

We just released a Dungeoneers demo on Steam. If that’s how you got here … welcome! Because you are the earliest explorers of Dungeoneers from Steam, we are especially interested in your thoughts. Please use the feedback button on the bottom right of the screen (when in a dungeon room) to let us know what you think, especially as it relates to Steam.

The Dungeoneers demo on Steam includes all of what we call “Basic” Dungeoneers. The game’s “Advanced” features will be included in the Early Access Steam version, which will cost $15 and be available in late July.

Dungeoneers will be participating in Steam’s “Next Fest” (June 16-22), where upcoming games are on display in front of millions of potential players. We’re looking for people to help us live stream Dungeoneers during the festival. If you are an experienced dungeoneeer with a Steam account, and you’re willing to help us out by doing some live streaming, please friend request Dungeoneers_Alex on Steam, and let us know you’re brave enough to live stream.

Jun 11, 2021 4:40

I’m in

Jun 11, 2021 6:37

I am in.

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