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Player feedback from May 2021
May 3, 2021 13:44

This topic contains player feedback for this month that the player approved for the forum.

May 3, 2021 20:32

Woohoo! I’m the first person to make a post for May, do I get a special reward?

Since the game now posts the highest daily kill what would it take to be able to post the highest daily kill for each character? on the screen?

May 4, 2021 17:49

more hitpoints for the Elf. Ability to start with higher ranked weapons

May 5, 2021 2:07

Elf is already one of the strongest characters. This discussion about more hit points for dwarf or elf is not very promising, because it would raise a lot of rebalancing-issues.
Concerning the weapons: One should not destroy the value of the cavern weapons. What could be interesting is a more random pattern, including 0 and 2 (with average = 1). But this would need new names for the zero weapons.
I propose “Bare Hand” as name for a zero-sword and shield. ;)
Maybe “Broken Harp” is a similar name for the zero-bow.

May 5, 2021 3:10

I mentioned that problem already two times, but today it was serious: I died in the tourney, because I clicked on the entrance field in the caverns, but “at the same time with the click” a cavern crawler appeared on that field. It would be good to make that appearance a “move” that takes some time or not accept clicks for a second.

May 5, 2021 12:23

Hi, nanohawa.

The Elf is much worse defensively than either the Dwarf or the Human, (both because she rolls d8 and because she has fewer hit points) but she compensates for that by being much better at staying out of trouble.

If you focus on not letting ANY monster get a chance to hit the Elf (and particularly when the Elf is not adopting a defensive stance) then the hit points that the Elf already has can go much further.

May 5, 2021 14:25

Bare Hand, there should be at least a one second delay after the crawler appears before the game will register a click (otherwise it’ll still be the monsters’ turn and you should get a bad click bong). Do you think that’s not happening?

May 5, 2021 14:28

We used to have random starting weapons from 0-2 I believe, and the 0-names were pretty good. Rowdius will have to refresh my memory on why we moved away from that.

May 5, 2021 17:40

@nanohawa - the Elf is a difficult hero to master, but she is there every week in the top of the tournament along with the dwarf who, at high levels, can be almost bulletproof. It’s the swordsman who is usually trailing in third place. He is a good all-round character though, and is straightforward and satisfying to play. All of the heroes have their own playing style to learn; you won’t get far playing the elf in the same way as the dwarf, or the dwarf in the same way as the human.

The caverns are harder than they first look and there is some skill to getting a game off the ground when the monsters are badly positioned or you get bad rolls on the caverns weapons. A 4,2 firebug is a potentially deadly opponent if you only have a +1 sword of cutting remarks and a +1 shield of broken bones. Picking your fights (or not) until you have better weapons is a key part of playing the caverns. The extra +2 from getting a +3 weapon or from fighting on adrenaline makes a significant difference against several of the caverns monsters.

@Bare Hand - I think +0 weapons would have to be an unlock, perhaps at a relatively low fame level. For newbies whose heroes have no skills to add attack, the career caverns would be very hard with +0 weapons.

May 5, 2021 19:57

Tonight’s release addressed a couple things mentioned in the forum:

  • We fixed the bug where you weren’t getting the feat bonus on a Bull Rush if it was the second action of the feat.

  • We added a delay after Cavern Crawlers enter a room. Let us know if you think there’s still a problem with clicking its tile before you realize it’s there.

I like the idea of going back to +0 starting weapons. I think we eliminated that when we stopped having the villagers give you better weapons as you rose in fame. To make the caverns easier for new players and +0 weapons, perhaps we take out some of the more difficult caverns monsters (Hag Witch and Spider Queen, for instance) and make them unlocks.

May 6, 2021 1:36

Isn’t it easier making the 0-weapons an unlock? But I also like the idea of hag witch and spider queen being an unlock. Maybe also the 2-health snake?

May 6, 2021 12:59

I’m pretty sure new players would not react well to an unlock being that they start with worse weapons. Although I see from re-reading your post that you were suggesting a range of 0 to +2, with an average of +1. We used to do something like that, but it didn’t feel like it added much to the game. I’d prefer to always start with +0 weapons – that way what you find in the dungeon is more likely to be an improvement.

May 6, 2021 14:36

Bug: There are two shields in the haunt of the spectres (and I can’t get either). It’s bad enough that you drop all the health potions into the locked ruins rooms without putting the normal weapons in there too.

May 6, 2021 16:35

Bug: Fixing the Bull Rush on feat has had the side-effect of Bull Rush into a pit not being counted as an attack during a feat. So you can push a monster in the pit on your first move, and then attack on your remaining second move. I’m sure that wasn’t possible before.

May 6, 2021 16:57

Agree with Rowdius that an unlock giving +0 weapons is rather disappointing. Hag witch is only 3,1 though. Firebug/Hairy spider is 4,2 and croc is 5,3. Those are hard to hit with +1 weapons, let alone +0, and a +0 shield will be next to useless. Why don’t you make sure there are always some rooms with weak caverns monsters (rats, hags, maybe frogs/snakes) so you don’t end up with a random mix consisting of just scorpions, spiders and crocodiles? (Preferably in at least one of the 3 opening rooms.)

May 7, 2021 0:18

@An enimatic stranger. I think that was possible before, too.
raand is right, the big scorpion is more difficult than that big snake. Without that, the scorpions are OK with 0-weapons. Crocs and drider-spider are of course tough. But we also heave a health potion in career mode. That should help to get it done from the start. So the list of changes could be: make 0-starting-weapons, but make
firebug, monstrous scorpion, monstrous snake, spider queen, old swamp troll, hag witch, frogman chief and crocodile warrior (rooms) an upgrade (maybe some of them are that already, I don’t know).
Reduce strength of drider, and hairy spider to 5,2 and 3,2. It is clear, that beginners should not need to know that sneaking is an option and how to use the scrolls etc.

May 7, 2021 2:08

I would agree, that health potions should not be put into the ruins locked rooms any more, but only in the others. Otherwise a “normal” game can consist of only 3 potions. I cannot tell much about the weapon thing. @Enigmatic stranger: It could be a bug that vanishs if you reach the fame level of the locked room. But then it is of course still a bug, isn’t it?

May 7, 2021 12:23

@Bare Hand - OK. If that was possible before then it’s an advantage and I’m OK with it. But it felt different when I played. Like I had an extra move.

Since I’m Basic, the AD rooms in the ruins are always locked. But since I’m at low fame level, they were normal rooms before. And definitely there should not be the normal weapons and the boss weapons in the same (locked) room. There was no shield for me in the ruins at all.

May 7, 2021 13:24

That’s a lot of changes to the monsters for +0 weapons! I think firebugs are interesting and can be useful and should be kept in from the start (maybe fewer though as they are 4,2). And I’m inclined to say the same about the hag witch - if you’ve managed to get a +3 shield you’ve got some chance guarding against the fireball and a +3 attack on everything around you might be helpful if you have +0 sword. I think something like an old swamp troll could be OK if there is a decent chance of using both doorways to shoot it or you managed to get some weapon from another room. It’s quite an early hint to “be sneaky”. Logically, with +0 weapons a 4,2 monster should be like a 5,3 monster with +1 weapons. i.e. dangerous and demanding of respect, but not impossible in the caverns.

The health potion in career mode is a mixed blessing (as you’ll know!). Yes you have more hit points, but you also don’t have the +2 adrenaline. Without that and with a +0 sword and low XP, your attacks are just going to bounce off.

Full Swing +2 is only 250 XP for Swordsman though. Dwarf has +2 charge from the start. Elf can stay out of range better. And the weapon spinners aren’t changing, so actually you are as good as now once you’ve got something to fight with.

Maybe all that’s needed is to limit the monsters to hags, rats and beetles in the first game or two (or maybe unlock the others at fame level 1?)

May 7, 2021 19:40

Enigmatic Stranger: It WAS possible for the human to shove a monster into the pits w/o it counting as and attack before. Here’s a tip- NEVER report an advantageous bug.

This is the mysterious super power I mentioned a few weeks ago. Instead of players discovering it on their own and enjoying a little secret bonus to the character, now it will be fixed.

Thanks a lot, big mouth

May 7, 2021 23:55

It is a feat-superpower and you don’t use the feat bonus. So why not just counting it as move? Maybe it is no bug.

May 8, 2021 1:43

Sorry. But something seemed different there after they fixed the bull rush. If it wasn’t that then something else. Not sure what.

May 8, 2021 12:49

You people are ignorant and brain dead as well as Stupid.

This is at the very least the umpteenth daily hunt where AFTER the first ten rooms or what every you call them, that I have YET to encounter The Monsters that we are Supposed to Hunt!


May 8, 2021 13:19

That’s because the chance of the quarry monsters being put in the room increases as the hunt progresses (as does the number and size of monsters). At the beginning you are more likely to encounter the monsters that live in the environment. There are often several rooms at the beginning which have few or no quarry monsters. You were unlucky to not encounter any after 10 rooms though. If there’s no quarry, consider just trying to sneak through or leave taking as few hits as possible - you do not get points for non quarry monsters.

May 8, 2021 14:30

I loved the mummies, room after room of rats and maybe 1 mummy, of course then you reach the mega sized ones and good luck beating them with the pathetic +6 gear

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