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We've launched our Discord Community
May 1, 2021 14:43

And tweaked the unlocking of ruins boss rooms

Please visit our brand new Dungeoneers Discord Community to connect with other players. Use text channels to chat and share images and videos. Or use voice channels to talk and watch people play - or share your screen to be the one being watched. (Please don’t be shy … you’re helping us all by stepping onto the stage.)

The discord server does not replace our internal forum, which will remain the best place for development discussions.

We also changed the way we introduce the ruins boss rooms. Previously, the boss rooms existed as normal rooms until unlocked by fame, at which point they were replaced by boss ruins that require the Advanced Dungeoneers upgrade. That was a bad design because reaching high fame levels removed rooms that players were used to having. So we changed it so that the boss rooms are no longer accessible until they’ve been unlocked both with fame and the Advanced upgrade. We apologize to those of you who are now having those rooms taken away - but we feel this is a better design going forward.

NOTE: If you have not upgraded to Advanced, and you happened to be in one of the ruins boss rooms when we deployed this version, then you will have noticed that your game abruptly ended. We’re sorry, but there was no way of getting around that. It will be as if that game never existed (won’t count as a loss), but you will keep any XP you had earned.

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