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Elf & Dwarf Access for Basic Dungeoneers
Apr 8, 2021 17:00

And the return of the adjacent fireball

All players (Basic or Advanced) who have reached the fame level needed to unlock the Dwarven Brawler and Elven Huntress are now able to use them in career mode. But only players who have upgraded to Advanced Dungeoneers can use them in tourneys, campaigns, and daily hunts.

And starting now, all Advanced players get an added XP award bonus of +20%.

In other news, we have retracted the recent rule change that made fireballs fizzle if adjacent to the caster. We have some other changes in mind for spells, and we will revisit this issue then.

Apr 9, 2021 1:27

It is not working 100%. I can choose them at the start, but it is always Wilhelm who goes in first. However, it is possible to change to dwarf and elf later.

That is an unexpected development and an interesting concept.
I would suggest to give lightning and invisibility scrolls free in hunt and maybe ruin weapons in campaign. That way one can try different things in different modes, but the whole fun at once is kept for advanced players.

Apr 9, 2021 12:04

Thanks for reporting that, Bare Hand. Should be working now.

Apr 11, 2021 9:40

Well, this is off-topic, but I don’t see a topic in the Forum list that seems to be any more relevant than this one.

Would there be any interest in a Tournament mode in which players (who succeeded in killing all of the dragons at a particular level) would get to KEEP their left-over scrolls, potions, and weapons (and possibly mithril) in the next Tournament round?

Such a Tournament mode might require reducing the drop rate for various items.

In some respects, this addresses the luck/fairness issue by allowing all players to EARN +9 weapons in the early rounds, and thus eliminating at least some of the luck issues in the later rounds.

Increasing the average number and difficulty of monsters in the Caverns and Mines, when playing in this Tournament mode, would probably be warranted.

Any interest?

Apr 13, 2021 3:11

I’d be interested, beetletoe. Maybe only paying customers get the privilege.

Also a “because-it’s-fun-sometimes” gauntlet-mode. More of a slaughter-fest, where the killing is easy and difficulty ramps up very slowly. Because sometimes its fun just to mow through a inexhaustible supply of baddies. Again, for “Advanced” only.

Does that make me strange? Well, of course; but you already knew THAT.

Apr 13, 2021 20:16

Hi, Chad.

So, I think that you’ve just described the Hunt mode, not so?

Apr 13, 2021 23:51

If so, it should then be auto-collected (and all at reduced to half potions and scrolls). I do not want to play 90 minutes “loot only” in 1,2 and 5 dragons when I would finish this in less then 9 minutes alltogether.
I am also not sure if this is in total a good idea. I play the tournament “casual” until 20-30 dragons. I often play with the human until 10 dragons, so he gets some exp. This would all not be possible when needing all scrolls for the final run. Also the caverns and mines would be “too easy” with the full equip. What I could think of is, that you can put ONE weapon back into the dragon chest at the end of the game to retrieve it next game. I think I proposed something like that a while ago for campaign mode.

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