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Range of 4 w/ Long Shot III
Jan 27, 2021 16:31

And more auto combustion

In order to spice things up for high level players, we have changed Long Shot III to allow the elf to shoot monsters at range 4, but with a -2 penalty. (So with Long Shot III, the penalty for range 3 targets is -1 and the penalty for range 4 targets is -2.)

And, thanks to the suggestion from corgiknight64, flaming arrows will now always hit firebugs and gas spores.

Jan 28, 2021 17:12

Is anyone close to that?

Jan 28, 2021 17:27

Templier has a level 23 elf.

Jan 30, 2021 16:14

range 4 helps against single fleeing dragons and mages. Although the -1 on 3 is tough, I think I prefer the new skill. However, if I had the free choice, I would take 0 penalty on range 3 and -3 penalty on range 4 instead.

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