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New Hunt System
Jun 25, 2020 21:18

Hero Choice & Oversized Monsters

We’ve added back the ability to choose your hero for each hunt. Basic players can go on one hunt per day with the Human. Advanced players can repeat the hunt with different heroes as desired.

As you go further into the hunt region, you will find that your quarry increase not just in number, but also in size. Humongous isn’t the half of it!

And the XP bounties now work as follows:

20 Kills - A Sporting Hunt - 2,500 XP; 40 Kills - A Jolly Good Hunt - 5,000 XP; 60 Kills - A Smashing Hunt -10,000 XP; 80 Kills - An Exemplary Hunt - 20,000 XP; 100 Kills - A Magnificent Hunt - 40,000 XP

Jul 30, 2020 19:36

This post explain my previous question on early one, thank you.

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