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Fewer Dens
Aug 11, 2020 11:43
  • And earlier dwarfage.*

We’ve reduced the number of monster dens in the dungeon. For starting players, there will be just one den, located in the mines. The first caverns den is then unlocked at Fame 8. A second mines den is unlocked at Fame 23. And a second caverns den is unlocked at Fame 40. Gone are the days of levels with 3 monster dens. Also, the dens in the caverns will have fewer monsters, on average, than they used to.

The former Fame 8 unlock was the dwarf. Now the dwarf is unlocked at the same time as the elf - Fame Level 4.

Aug 18, 2020 1:50

Some dens have HUGE monsters. I always have to remind me, that there is more loot and that this makes it “easier” all in all to kill more dragons. But in fact it sometimes doesn’t feel like that when having 3 hard dens right at the start. Maybe the positioning of the dens out of “the main way” would make it more acceptable to have like 3 per map. It is then also more fair to deal with something that has more attack than a dragon, because you can leave it for later. Maybe if chests are increased by “one level” if a real giant (+5 size) is in, it gets interesting to ask yourself “sneak in or leave for later?”.

Aug 27, 2020 20:52

Not on topic for this thread, but since I can’t create threads on this forum, and there hasn’t been a news post since this one, it’ll have to do.

Whatever you guys changed on the backend, it’s working marvelously. I’ve had huge connectivity problems for several weeks, and today they’re gone completely; the game is running smooth as butter now. Of course, the dice hate me today, but I’m assuming that’s unrelated. :)

Aug 28, 2020 14:13

I’d love to claim credit for that, but it’s more likely something outside of our control has changed in the network somewhere between us and you. If you have trouble again, try running a ping to and see what that tells you.

Aug 31, 2020 15:32

It turns out it was just that one day specifically; things have gone back to the old level of functionality, where there’s a half-second or so of hesitation before a command is resolved and the animation (of a die rolling or of the player moving to a new hex or something) plays. For a while I was having several seconds of hesitation, probably due to my network sucking, and then one time it worked with no hesitation at all; in retrospect I guess it was just a fluke.

I have no idea what “running a ping” means.

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