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Improvements to Brawler & Swordsman
Dec 11, 2023 9:00

And adrenaline gets nerfed

We made the dwarf’s hunker skill more unique and quicker to play. Now when you hunker, your counterattacks don’t happen till all the monsters have taken their turn, at which point you counterattack all melee attacks against you, whether they hit or missed. However, the resilience bonus no longer applies to melee/missile attacks when hunkering, nor does the resilience bonus increase with hunker skill (uppercut does, though.) Also, base resilience and uppercut chances were reduced from 25% to 20%, but the dwarf now has 4 hit points!

The human’s chance to cleave or parry has been bumped up 10%.

The adrenaline bonus (which you get when you are not holding any health potions) no longer includes a +2 defense bonus. Now it’s just +2 on sword attacks.

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