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"Advanced" Becomes "Premium"
Feb 27, 2023 14:15

And $15 becomes $20

Until now we have been referring to the upgraded version of Dungeoneers as “Advanced.” But to be consistent with the common lingo, we will be replacing the word “Advanced” with the word “Premium.” (None of the features will change.) If you have not yet upgraded, references to “Advanced” will simply change to “Premium.” If you have already upgraded, the Advanced Dungeoneers logo will be replaced with the standard Dungeoneers logo - you will know you are playing the upgraded version if you have access to all the unlocks.

Also, due to inflation in the village’s lumber prices, we will be increasing the charge to upgrade from $15 to $20. The change happens Friday, March 3 - so if you want to upgrade at the $15 price, please do so now. (Anyone who has upgraded to Advanced will be automatically switched to Premium.)

Mar 17, 2023 23:19

Did you stop giving the free passes?

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