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Dungeoneers Developer Makes Ron Paul the Hero, and the Prize, in a Daring New Fundraiser

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — August 31, 2012 — Players of the online game, Dungeoneers, need not settle for playing as some generic fantasy character, for they can now choose Dr. Ron Paul as their sword-wielding champion.

“With a liberty torch on his breast plate and peace symbol on his shield, the Ron Paul character is a light-hearted tribute to a brave-hearted man,” notes Dungeoneers developer Alex Beltramo. “Plus, it turns out that fighting monsters as Ron Paul is quite satisfying!”

The Ron Paul character is part of a fundraiser called “Slay a Dragon for Liberty.” Each player who defeats a Red Dragon and makes a small donation to will receive a miniature, metal figurine of Dr. Paul in his dragon-slaying attire.

Beltramo has no affiliation with, but admires the site’s collection of short videos that introduce the deep arguments behind libertarian thought. “We inherently know that liberty is good for us individually,” says Beltramo, “but understanding why the protection of liberty is so vital for the common good requires a bit of study. Dr. Paul's core message is that to keep our freedom we must learn about liberty, and is an excellent place to start.”

Dungeoneers can now be played on the web for free while in testing.

For more information about the fundraiser: Slay a Dragon for Liberty

For a gameplay video of the Ron Paul hero: Ron Paul vs. the Red Dragon

Screen shots are available in the Dungeoneers Gallery.

About Alex Beltramo

Alex Beltramo is an independent game developer based in San Francisco. He was a co-founder of, the first commercially successful website for casual games, acquired in 2001 by Electronic Arts. Beltramo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.

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