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Basic/Advanced Dungeoneers March 23, 2020

One purchase for all.

We have simplified our payment system. Basic Dungeoneers is free. You can upgrade to the full game, Advanced Dungeoneers, for a one-time fee.

You can play as much as you want with Basic Dungeoneers without any extra limit to fame or hero levels - however, many game elements will not be enabled. Upgrading to Advanced Dungeoneers enables these features: access to the ruins, unlocks past fame 5, daily hunts, tourneys, campaigns, and the elf and dwarf.

Along with this change, daily hunts, tourneys, and campaigns no longer cost mana. (Dungeoneers will no longer have micro-transactions - just the one upgrade to Advanced.) And there is no more Cross Training; each hero is on their own on their path to greatness.

Players who have made purchases in the past, or attained a sufficiently high fame, will automatically be upgraded to Advanced Dungeoneers at no additional cost. (If you still have access to the Ruins, then you have been upgraded to Advanced Dungeoneers.) In addition, we have awarded a permanent VIP XP bonus equal to 1% for every 10 cents you’ve spent in the last 6 months.

We believe that this simpler, one-time payment system will be better for everyone.

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