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The Mana Fairy Has Returned! February 21, 2018

Undo Turn now costs 3 mana

The ability to Undo Turn is now an unlock for fame level 12. Once unlocked, you can Undo Turn once per game, and it costs 3 mana.

A mana crystal with 5 mana will appear in the dungeon once per week. If you had leftover teleport charges, they will be converted to mana. And you may buy more mana at the Mana Fairy’s Shop.

The Mana Fairy had a shop here before. We asked him to leave because his mana had too much impact on gameplay. After some negotiations, we have brought him back, settling on the ability to Undo Turn once per game as a reasonable offering. If we allow him to sell more in the future, it will be for things that do not have a significant impact on gameplay. We do not want Dungeoneers to be a pay-to-win game.

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