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Introducing The Daily Hunt January 18, 2020

Plus new monsters, enhanced vanish scroll, and fame crunch.

We’ve launched the Daily Hunt game mode. Each day you’ll be tasked with hunting down a certain monster type in a random region near the village. Regions have unique background art and custom native monster populations.

Enhanced Training has be eliminated so that mana is not part of the main questline. Instead challenge modes now have these mana costs: Campaigns: 10 per start, Tourneys: 5 per weekly entry, and Daily Hunts: 1 per game. And Campaign victories now give a 10% XP bonus instead of 15.

And you can now earn mana! For career games, you’ll earn 1 mana for each health potion remaining after a victory. (So be efficient!) For your efforts before then, we awarded 1 mana per fame level. The mana fairy will continue to offer his services.

We upgraded the Vanish scroll to reduce the chance of being spotted. And you’ll find some new monsters (ettins and frogmen) and see that snakemen have moved in with the snakes. And be warned, the Reaper now has 2 health.

For game balance, we reduced the extra dragon loot for lairs with many dragons and changed the starting weapons to be all +1. And we did the announced fame level stat crunch - wiping out 4 out of every 5 levels above 75. (Examples: Fame 75 or below did not change. Fame 100 went to 80. Fame 200 went to 100.) The above 1 mana per level award was based on the revised fame level.

Happy hunting!

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