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Changes to Swordsman, Brawler, and Worm December 12, 2019

And the dragons have spread out.

The human swordsman’s Full Swing II skill now gives a 40% chance of cleaving (formerly 30%).

The dwarven brawler’s charge attack bonus is now +3 (formerly +2), and his hunker defense bonus is now +3 (formerly +4 - sorry!). And the dwarf can now choose to use the bow instead of charge. If you click the bow button next to the trinket bag, charging will be disabled until your next action. (Click the bow button again if you change your mind.)

Purple worms have befriended dwarvenkind. Worms will no longer attack the dwarf, and they will even stick around to fight by his side.

In games with multiple lair chambers, there now will be between 2-6 dragons per room (formerly 3-7).

As always, please post any bugs, or just let us know what you think, using the in-game feedback form.

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