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Summary of Recent Tweaks May 16, 2019

Undo Turn, Ropers, & Cosmetics

Here are some of the changes made in the last week:

a) Undo Turn now takes you back to the beginning of the prior turn, even if you’ve used scrolls on the current turn.

b) If an adjacent roper misses you, we now treat it as a missed melee attack, so you are eligible for sword counterattacks.

c) Hovering on targets highlights the icon of the weapon to be used and dims the shield if the bow will be used.

d) When we skip the weapon spin because there is no chance of improvement, the text will now tell you what was in the chest.

e) We fixed a few descriptions that were out of date. We thank the players who pointed them out!

f) The elf’s leap attack got a vocal sound effect. Let us know if you approve.

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