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New Elf Skill: Leap Attack April 18, 2019

And higher voltage bolts.

The elf’s Presence skill has been replaced by a Leap Attack skill. Whenever you leap over an adjacent monster, you also attack it with your sword. (Does not apply to stealth leaps, unless a scroll was used first.) Surviving monsters have 25% chance of losing their next turn from disorientation, or 50% for Leap Attack II. The bonuses (haste, adrenaline, etc.) for a leap attack are the same as for a standard sword attack. If you leap over two adjacent monsters, you get the sword attack against both.

Leap Attacks are triggered by scroll leaps as well as the natural leap ability. (We renamed the Jump ability to be a Leap ability, since a leap is a leap is a leap.)

Bolt attacks are now +10 instead of +8.

For campaign mode, we increased the XP Bonus for successful campaigns to 15%.

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