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Changes to Fame and Tourneys March 05, 2019

Introducing trinkets!

3 FAME SYSTEM CHANGES: 1) The villagers will give you trinkets for luck. If you have any trinkets and you roll a 1 on defense, the roll automatically gets re-rolled until it’s not a 1, then a trinket gets used up. Before every game, the villagers will give you one trinket for each fame level up to 5, then one more trinket for each 5 fame levels after that. 2) Your starting weapon bonuses are no longer based on an equation involving your fame. Instead, the villagers give you weapons with bonuses that add up to +3. When you unlock The Attic and then The Cellar, the sum of the bonuses will go up to +4 and then +5. This applies to all modes. 3) You get a +2% XP bonus for each fame level. See Fame Guide.

TOURNEY SYSTEM CHANGES: Standings are now sorted by total dragons killed. And the winner of each tourney gets a +200% XP bonus (instead of +100%)

OTHER CHANGES: In In multi-chamber lairs, there will be a minimum of 3 dragons per chamber; some Unlocks have been added/repositioned, the XP Bonus for successful Campaigns is now 10% instead of 12%, and the Mummy King will now be referred to as the Mummy Pharaoh (forgive all future misspellings).

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