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No Hero Swapping in Tourneys February 14, 2019

And a new stats page

In order to make tournaments more challenging (and not take so long!), and to make the gameplay more unique, we have disabled the ability to swap heroes during tourney games. At the beginning of each game, you choose your hero and must live (one hopes) with your decision.

Another change to tourneys is that instead of starting with all +1 weapons, you will start with weapons where the total bonuses add up to +5. The bonuses are randomly distributed. This way you will have better, and more varied, starting gear - which may have some bearing on which hero you choose.

We also modified the player stats page. We removed the display of losses, and we added a section which summarizes your XP bonuses. You can access the “Your Stats” page from the Options menu or by clicking your name on the title of the start page (Name vs. X Dragons).

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