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Some Gameplay Fixes January 24, 2019

And a cross-training change.

Formerly the cross training XP bonus was 33% of the game’s XP per hero. Now it’s 20%, but rises to 40% if the elf & dwarf have been recruited (whether purchased or attained at fame 50).

And, thanks to some excellent bug reports from players, we made these fixes: Slimes don’t get a free turn when you use a scroll while in stealth. Counterattacks from riposte and evade no longer trigger feats. Bellowing counts as a move during feats. If the worm appears after you did a hunker/evade, you get the proper defense bonus.

Also, if a monster is attacked on the last round by a shambler or cavern crawler, it will attack back. (As has been the case against the purple worm.)

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