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Dungeon Generation Changes November 27, 2018

Weapon Racks & Caverns Passage

UNIQUE WEAPON RACKS. Weapon racks will never have the same weapon type as another rack on the same level. The caverns will have 1 weapon chest and 3 weapon racks. The mines will have 2 chests and 3 racks. The ruins will have 4-5 chests, plus any exceptional racks from unlocked bosses.

CAVERNS CENTRAL PASSAGE. We’ve opened up a passage that leads from the caverns entrance to the last room in the caverns. So now there are 3 initial rooms to choose from when you first enter the dungeon.

And in less happy news, the dragon lair will have slightly less loot than it used to. And the level 1 & 2 weapon spinner is bit less generous because there are more chests/racks per level.

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