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Hero Hit Points. New Loot System. November 01, 2018

Plus a way nimbler elf and a bit hunkier dwarf

Each hero now has multiple hit points. When you reach 0 h.p., you use up a health potion to restore all hit points. You start career mode games with 1 health potion and campaign/tourney games with 0 health potions.

The human and dwarf each have 3 h.p. The elf has 2 h.p. To compensate, we made these changes to the elf: She gets a d10 sword and a d8 shield (instead of d8 and d6). Her dodge and evade skills are improved. She can jump any direction and can go 3 spaces with a leap scroll.

To balance the hero h.p., we decreased the number health potions, increased the monster attack stats by 1, and reduced the chance of rooms having just 1 or 2 monsters.

We also changed the loot system so that each level will have a range of each loot type (weapons, potions, & scrolls). There may now be more variability in loot between rooms, but each level will have a consistent supply of each loot type. See the Tables section of the Rules page for details.

Last but not least, we added +1 to the dwarf’s hunker defense bonus, and bumped his bow dice to a d8. (d6’s are now off the table.)

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