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New Standings System August 15, 2018

Advance in Circles, then Tiers

We’ve implement a standings system where players can advance relative to other players who started slaying dragons at the same time.

You start in the 5th Circle, which includes the 50 players who defeated a Black Dragon immediately before you. By reaching the top 25 in your Circle, you advance to the next Circle which includes more players.

Players who reach the 1st Circle begin competing against all the top Dungeoneers, and can advance from 1st Circle, 5th Tier to 1st Circle, 1st Tier. Tiers are assigned based on percentiles. For instance: to reach the 4th Tier you need to be in the top 4% of all players in the standings; to reach the 1st Tier, you need to be in the top 1%. Tiers are recalculated nightly.

XP awards in the game are increased based on a player’s Circle and Tier. (Replacing the existing XP bonuses from Fame.) For details, see the XP section of the Rules page.

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