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Final Stretch on Hero System Changes June 09, 2018

Cleave, Resilience, and Dodge

Each hero now starts with two base skills. The new skills are: Cleave for the Swordsman: 20% chance of sword hits doing 2 damage (40% if a Full Swing); Resilience for the Brawler: 20% chance that hits from explosions or breath do no damage (40% if Hunkering); and the return of Dodge for the Huntress: rolling a 6 on the d6 defense dice is a dodge with bow/sword counter-attack (4 or more if Evading).

We also changed the Full Swing skill so that you only get a +1 bonus, but you can do a Full Swing from the edge of a room. And Full Swings have twice the chance of cleaving. And we changed the elf’s Evade skill: when evading, you don’t get your shield bonus and you need to roll a 4 or more to dodge.

We believe this concludes the bulk of the tuning of the new Combat & Hero System. We’ve revised the document explaining all the changes, which you can see here.

We also removed the central passage in the Caverns to make level 1 a bit more challenging to get through. Don’t blame us. Cave-ins happen.

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