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Scaled Back May 29, 2018

No Whiffs / Friendlier Villagers / Standings Rescaled

We removed whiffs and made the villagers more generous to high fame players.

And because the recent changes have made the game more difficult, we lowered the standings for high level players. Relative standings are preserved, but if you were facing more than 10 dragons, you’ll now be facing fewer. In career mode, your first 50 victories (up to 10 Reds) have been preserved, but the number of victories after 50 was divided by 5. So, for example, 60 victories (12 Reds) goes to 52 victories (13 Blacks). We did the same for campaign mode, but the division by 5 starts after the first 25 victories. We apologize for removing hard-fought victories from the standings, but the number of dragons being reached was getting out of control.

Also, we changed our standings boards to only show victories that have been attained in the last 30 days.

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