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Safer Release System April 19, 2018

All moves will be saved before restarts

We made some some structural changes so that when we restart the servers to release new versions, you will not lose any moves that have been completed. (After a server restart, you will be able to return to the game and pick up where you left off, unlike in the past where you were at risk of losing up to a room’s worth of moves.)

Please keep an eye out for any strange game behavior, and let us know if anything seems to be going wrong.

The above change is for the the version releases that we do once every few days. However, from time to time we will still need to do major releases that cause games in progress to be lost. Such releases will typically be once every few months, and we will give advance warning in those cases.

Also … Undo Turn will now undo just your last action or scroll use, not both.

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