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September 2020

Idea for Revising Skill System

August 2020

The Dungeoneers Store!

Revised Standings System

Fewer Dens

Idea: Skill Quests

July 2020

The News Forum

Ludicrous Speed

Sneaking Behind

Monster Dens

June 2020

New Hunt System

Hastened Stealth Moves

Sneaky Scroll Use

The Mithril Vest

May 2020

Some Monstrous Arrivals

Basic/Advanced Changed

March 2020

Basic/Advanced Dungeoneers

February 2020

Outstanding Hunts

January 2020

Mana and Bounty Award Tuning

Introducing The Daily Hunt

December 2019

Changes to Swordsman, Brawler, and Worm

October 2019

Trinket Revision

Fame/Trinket Changes

September 2019

Village Make-Over

August 2019

Hail, Armor Gamers!

June 2019

Linking Accounts

May 2019

Shorter Tunnels

Summary of Recent Tweaks

April 2019

Elf Dodge/Evade Changes

Leap Attack Adjustments

New Elf Skill: Leap Attack

March 2019

Shocking News!

2019 Q1 Recap

Streamlined Enhanced Training

Shinier Trinkets

Changes to Fame and Tourneys

February 2019

Feat and Tourney Changes

The Altar

No Hero Swapping in Tourneys

Slay It Ain’t So

Dragon Mages

January 2019

Impatient Dragon Casters

Some Gameplay Fixes

Easier Hero Swapping

Dungeon Housekeeping

Cross Training

December 2018

To Spin or Not to Spin

Full Screen Mode

Accelerated Animation

A Few Dungeon Tweaks

XP Bonus for Successful Campaigns

November 2018

To our Kongregate Players:

Dungeon Generation Changes

Reduced Luck Factor in Caverns

Faster Leveling

Hero Hit Points. New Loot System.

October 2018

Launching on Kongregate Soon

XP from Victory Weapons

Dwarf Skill Change

Less Stunning Ghouls

Better Skill Advancement

September 2018

Spell Casting Dragons!

Enhanced Training

Tag Team Heroes

Worm vs. Wyrm

Tunnel and Slime Redesign

August 2018

Hero Leveling Changes

New Standings System

July 2018

Maintain Your Initiative

June 2018

Final Stretch on Hero System Changes

Feat Tweaks

Flexible Focus

May 2018

Scaled Back

Level 8 Skills are In

The Tuning Continues

The Tuning Has Begun

Heroic Changes

Major Release / Restart Warning

Brace Yourselves

April 2018

Safer Release System

Scroll Recount

Public Displays of Adventure


March 2018

Visiting Heroes

Friendlier Scrolls

February 2018

The Mana Fairy Has Returned!

Undo Turn Works Differently

Contemplating Big Changes

Improved Dwarfage

January 2018

All Hail The Prophet

Teleports / Starting Magic / Hero Swapping

December 2017

Fame from Tournaments

Epicness and Ignominity

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