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Fame Guide

The villagers are a tough group to impress. But with persistence, your fame will rise.

Better Starting Gear

As you go up in fame level, the villagers will put more effort into searching for equipment. The base weapon bonus is +1, with a chance of an increase equal to 10% plus your fame level.

Example: If you have a fame level of 5, there is a 15% chance that a weapon's bonus of +1 will be increased to +2. If it is, there will be another 15% chance it will then be increased to +3. And so on, up until +9.

The same process is used to determine the quantity of your scrolls and potions, although you will always start with at least 3 health potions.


Rising in fame level will unlock more game features. Here is what awaits the dedicated dungeoneer.

  • Haste case close1

    Haste Scrolls

    The old village mage woke from a dream, said the secret word for haste scrolls, then fell back asleep. Fortunately someone heard him.
    Haste scrolls allow you to take take an extra action on your turn.
  • Flame case close1

    Flame Scrolls

    The village hypnotist will see you upon your return. She plans to cure your fear of fire so that you can use flame scrolls.
    Flame scrolls allow you to block spaces with magical fire.
  • Unfriendly ghost close1

    The Ruins

    A visiting sage delivers an old map of an ancient underground city. "Let this not be your ruin," he warns cryptically.
    The Ruins are filled with undead creatures guardiing the dungeon's best loot.
  • Tunnel caverns close1

    Caverns Tunnel

    A village boy asks if you ever get to slide down steep tunnels. "That would be epic!," he explains.
    In the caverns, there will be an optional, one-way tunnel leading to a random location in the mines below, with one or more tunnel rooms along the way.
  • Firebug close1


    The village cook is promoting his new delicacy, Flambéed Beetle. "I import combustible beetles," he brags. "The big ones I let go."
    When a firebug dies, it erupts into flame, blocking the space it was on.
  • Female elf close1

    The Elf

    An elf arrives to the village, drawing long stares. It is said she comes from a nearby forest, one recently devastated by dragons.
    The elf doesn't use a shield, but compensates with her leaping and dodging.
  • Tunnel mines close1

    Mines Tunnel

    A traveling archaelogist explains how to find tunnels that lead to underground ruins.
    A one-way tunnel can be found in the mines.
  • Male dwarf close1

    The Dwarf

    There’s a new arrival to the village. Shortly thereafter the tavern runs out of ale and a bar fight ensues. Coincidence? No.
    The Dwarf does not use a bow, but makes up for it with good defense and the ability to charge.
  • Cavern crawler close1

    Cavern Crawlers

    Little Billy had to release his pet caterpillar. His father explained, "That thing never stopped eating ... or growing."
    Cavern crawlers roam the dungeon looking for food. Keep your distance, and they will ignore you.
  • Specter close1

    Haunt of the Specters

    You hear horror stories of teenage villagers going missing.
    Two Specters now haunt a room in the ruins, guarding an exceptional weapon. Specters are invisible until they're next to you - try not to scream.
  • Shambler close1


    The village engineers succeed in draining the nearby swamp. "Those pesky swamp creatures will have to go somewhere else!"
    Shamblers lurk in the water-filled pits of the Caverns. If you anger a shambler, woe to you and anything in its way.
  • Lich close1

    Throne of the Lich Queen

    A bard sings a tale of adventurers entering horror-filled tomb, driving off an evil lich. No one knows where the lich went.
    The Lich Queen is a powerful undead sorceress. She sits on her throne deep in the ruins, guarding an exceptional weapon.
  • Roper close1


    Villager 1: "What's the difference between a stalagmite and a stalactite?" Villager 2: "Oh, I know that one! A stalagmite *might* be a roper!" Villagers 1 & 2: "Hahahaha!"
    Ropers do not move, but use their tentacles as long range whips.
  • Reaper scout close1


    Farmer Ben enters the tavern, saying: "Hey, has anyone seen my scythe? It's almost harvest, and I can't find it for the life of me."
    Reapers slay anything in their path. And their path will be to you.
  • Mummy king close1

    Chamber of the Mummy King

    Curses! After centuries of collecting dust (and rot, and disease) the Mummy King has arisen.
    An ancient Mummy King has returned to lay claim to one of the rooms in the ruins. It guards an exceptional weapon.
  • Male human close1


    A village construction crew, along with a talented illusionist, have created a dungeon simulator for competitive dungeoneers.
    To partake in tournaments, click Tournament before starting a new game. See how many victories in a row you can attain.
  • Male dwarf close1


    Foolhardy dungeoneers were overheard grousing that their life was not difficult enough. Tired of such complaints, the illusionist expanded the dungeon simulator with a new mode...
    To play in campaign mode, click Campaign before starting a new game. To advance, defeat a whole set of dragons in one try!
  • Golden chest close1

    Golden Chest

    The dragons realize that they need treasure more befitting magnificent creatures such as themselves.
    The dragon lair will now contain a golden chest containing an exceptional sword, shield or bow. A golden opportunity, perhaps?

Fame points

You earn fame when you find weapons and slay dragons. The fame for a weapon matches the weapon bonus and the fame for a dragon depends on the dragon type and how many you've killed that game.

For example:

+1 Sword = 1

+3 Shield = 3

+7 Bow = 7

+9 Sword = 9

White Dragon = 11

Black Dragon = 12

Green Dragon = 13

Blue Dragon = 14

Red Dragon = 15

Dragon multiplier - Points for a dragon slaying are multiplied by the number of dragons you've killed in the current game. For example, killing 3 White Dragons in one game would produce 66 total fame points (11 for the first, 22 for the second, and 33 for the third.) Each time you start a new game, the dragon multiplier resets to 1.

Fame Levels

Below are the number of points required for each fame level:

Level TitlePoints Needed
1 Unknown0
2 Stranger20
3 Outsider46
4 Vagabond80
5 Interloper124
6 Upstart181
7 Ragamuffin255
8 Scullion352
9 Ruffian477
10 Hellion640
11 Firebrand852
12 Swashbuckler1128
13 Spelunker1487
14 Wayfarer1953
15 Wanderer2558
16 Scout3346
17 Explorer4369
18 Seeker5700
19 Pathfinder7430
20 Adventurer9679
21 Friend12603
22 Mascot16404
23 Benefactor21346
24 Stalwart27769
25 Notable36120
Level TitlePoints Needed
26 Favorite46976
27 Bannerman61089
28 Braveheart79436
29 Vanguard103286
30 Watchman134292
31 Warrior174600
32 Enforcer227000
33 Gladiator295120
34 Knight383675
35 Hero498798
36 Paragon648457
37 Marvel843015
38 Untouchable1095939
39 Champion1424741
40 Defender1852183
41 Guardian2407858
42 Paladin3130235
43 Warden4069325
44 Protector5290143
45 Steward6877206
46 Keeper8940388
47 Liberator11622524
48 Vindicator15109301
49 Avenger19642112
50 Legend25534765
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