A dragon has been attacking the village! Seek out its dungeon lair, slay the dragon, and save the villagers.

  • 125+ Classic Monsters

    Exploding gas spores, pit-dwelling purple worms, bow-wielding goblins, spell-casting kobolds, despair-causing mummies, and fire-fearing wraiths are just a few of the foes that will test your mettle.

  • Random Dungeons

    Rooms are randomly generated with monsters, weapons, magic scrolls, and health potions. You'll never know what awaits below - hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

  • Tabletop RPG Elements

    Hearken back to old-school game dynamics such as turn-based combat, hex grids, and 10-sided dice. (Pizza sold separately.)

  • Tactical Gameplay

    Pilfer a weapon, or do a surprise attack? Swing your +4 sword, or fire your +3 bow? Create a wall of flame, or leap across a pit? Temper your valor with discretion, and you just may save the day.

Now go forth and slay the dragon! Grateful villagers will await your return.

Free to play - no download!

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